What is the telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a rather new field of activity in healthcare. Modern information and communication technologies allow to overcome distances and to provide medical services across distances. The widely used term “telemedicine” is part of the generic term “e-health” which is not clearly defined yet. It comprises today many activities like the utilization of electronic media in healthcare (e. g. electronic health card, electronic patient record, electronic case record, electronic medical report, electronic prescription), telemedicine, telematics etc. Healthcare telematics is understood as synonym of healthcare related activities, services and systems, which are provide across distance by means of information and communication technology.

Telemedicine offers an important potential to improve and safeguard quality in almost any medical discipline of healthcare delivery. Modern information and communication technology simplifies diagnostics and therapy, adds to the quality of healthcare provision and improves the availability of comprehensive medical knowledge everywhere. The efficient use of information and communication services through modern information and communication technologies will result in large-scale economies in the near future.