German Society for Telemedicine

DGTelemed is a national association to promote, to disseminate, to market and to publish modern innovative developments, solutions and products in telemedicine.


Members are hospitals, physicians, scientists, universities, research institutions, medical technology, pharmaceutical, IT- and service companies, consultants, medical bodies and societies, mandatory health insurance organisations, and other institutions and individuals.

DGTelemed is a forum of communication, discussion and lobbying for telemedicine in Germany and Europe. Orientation towards the patient and optimisation of the cooperation among service providers, healthcare providers and medical technology companies, bodies and associations are the basis of our activities.

DGTelemed is promoting contacts among its members as well as with partners from politics, healthcare, science and business in German and European healthcare. DGTelemed was founded on 12 December 2005 and is located in Berlin.


Our basic mission is to develop and to use healthcare in general and telemedicine and e-health in particular as an economic growth factor for Germany.
The German states have the potential to become the innovative and performing centers of healthcare economy, health sciences and healthcare delivery in Germany and in Europe.
DGTelemed will identify, create and advertise the fundamental prerequisites for the application and the advancement of telemedicine.


Better orientation of universities, research institutions and IT-companies to the needs of healthcare economy and healthcare delivery.

More intensive use of telemedicine and e-health in order to network hospitals, clinics, physicians and homecare in the field of diagnostics and therapy as well as in the use of medical IT in hospitals.


A wide-spread application of telemedicine in Germany and abroad has failed due to the small-sized organisational structures of healthcare for in- and outpatients and - with regard to abroad - due to the fact that German healthcare companies primarily have a local orientation and their focus is Germany, not abroad. The overcoming the boundaries of the different healthcare sectors and the development of performing healthcare providers acting nationwide at first in inpatient care, but later also in outpatient care should - and will - be used for telemedical applications.

The founders of the association for telemedicine want to take up and to pool initiatives, activities as well as medical and medico-technological know-how and engagement across Germany in order to create a platform of nationwide communication and lobbying for telemedicine - an issue that will grow in importance in the future. They also want to market innovative solutions and products nationally and internationally through a modern intern et portal.

DGTelemed represents the interests of numerous innovative small- and middle-sized companies. With their modern and innovative products and solutions they contribute largely to the improvement of healthcare, but they have difficulties to compete successfully with large and internationally active companies.

DGTelemed wants to arouse awareness for the manifold potentials of healthcare - especially of telemedicine - within and outside of healthcare organisations, in business, in science, and in politics; it also wants to promote cooperation among the various players in the interest of an optimal healthcare.